• No Left Turn: On Overcoming Right Hand Path Bias

    No Left Turn: On Overcoming Right Hand Path Bias

    This post has been previously published as a submission to Questing SET Digest, compiled by Judith Page and Don Webb, and appears here with slight edits for grammar and clarification.

    When it comes to spirituality, the path known by Setians (full disclosure: The author is not a Temple of Set member) as the Right Hand Path is so dominant in the world that relatively few people even know about the distinction between the Right Hand Path (RHP) and the Left Hand Path (LHP). Among those few who do employ this terminology, there is a startling lack of consensus as to just what those terms mean. I consider myself truly fortunate to have had a copy of Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers’ Lords of the Left Hand Path* enter my life, because Dr. Flowers did an amazing job of articulating and defining these terms before embarking on a truly edifying study of the Left Hand Path throughout history. Through this work, I was made aware of the Temple of Set and the writings of Don Webb, and these have furthered my understanding of the LHP and my place on it.

  • Herbal tactics and the ending of pregnancy

    The Less Hidden Path

    Many people are sharing copied-and-pasted statuses about herbal abortifacie- sorry, I mean “herbs to avoid during pregnancy”, as they are being termed. And they’re right, most of those things will end a pregnancy. Sometimes they do this by being so poisonous that they also can give you liver failure.


    To the best of our knowledge, the following links are entirely legitimate. Please consider sharing them; access to abortive medication, even if you have to be a bit ingenious to secure it (by having it delivered to a friend in a safe state and then having them send you a care package), is a good option to share awareness of, now more than ever; as is the fact that you can often have them prescribed for you to have available in the future.




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  • Satan’s Tunnel

    Satan’s Tunnel

    I stood in the void, for a moment, terrified to press deeper still into its reaches for fear of what I might face, but knowing I was royally screwed if I didn’t ignore that and do so with haste. I couldn’t see a thing but darkness, and this is no exaggeration. My other senses weren’t all that reassuring; I stood ankle-deep in running water, its frantic sloshing resounding within the tunnel that surrounded me, off of walls I was trying desperately to find without breaking my drunken face. I was 15 years old and facing a literal underworld journey that would shape future journeys of a capital-U Underworld nature.

  • Love Letters

    Love Letters

    I’ve written in a few different posts in a few different ways about how on one level, Hermekate has to do with the concept of “occultural solidarity,” or the high-minded (in my opinion) vision of encouraging, instigating, effecting, or otherwise participating in a process of global occultural “coagula” wherein people of all various paths begin to invest more of their energy in finding their commonalities than their differences. This is largely for the sake of advancing the understanding of magic itself, which would hypothetically help us all–though it’s more than that as well. In other words, while there is so much that differentiates us, I do think that occultists, spirit workers, magicians, witches, etm. of all types sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are all united in our common attribute of being magical as fuck.

  • Dogged By Fear

    Dogged By Fear

    The search for the cause is rather misleading, since the existence of the fear continues, not because it has been originally started in the remote past, but because a task is incumbent upon you in the present moment, and, inasmuch as it remains unfulfilled, every day produces fear and guilt anew.

    The question is, of course, what do you feel to be your task?

    Where the fear, there is your task!

    Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 205-206
  • Dodging A Bullet: Hermekate, Synchronicity, and Mass Violence

    Dodging A Bullet: Hermekate, Synchronicity, and Mass Violence

    I’ve touched on a variety of topics which I can subjectively link to Hermekate, from reconciliation of opposites to controversies surrounding gender and culture; one phenomenon that is objectively highly gendered is that of mass violence. Mass shooters and those who commit other forms of mass violence tend to mostly be men, and their motives often boil down to some variation on a theme involving fragile or wounded masculinity trying in one last, desperate gasp to assert its antisocially distorted values about relevance and meaning; disconnected from the world after being trained that it must stand on its own, this dysfunctional masculine image can only validate its existence by lashing out. By now, we all know that guns are coded for dicks.

  • Hermekate, Occultism, and Mental Health

    Hermekate, Occultism, and Mental Health

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I re-released the post Institutionalized on the eve of the month, and I’ve spent much of the time since then reflecting on how best to comment on the occasion–especially since the theme of mental health treatment is one that draws from the very heart of the meaning of Hermekate. I’ve been realizing how some of the other past posts and apparent plot threads of Hermekate as an unfolding phenomenon relate not only to one another, but to this fairly central point. While it is an immense joy (most of the time) to wax phantasmagorical or philosophical by turns on this blog regarding Hermekate, the arena of mental health reform will prove to be the physical, tangible ground for its unfoldment–it’s where I, in the name of this concept, will be (and have been) planting a flag, standing my ground, and effecting real change in the world.

  • Imperfect Love, Imperfect Trust

    Imperfect Love, Imperfect Trust

    As I discussed in my previous post, one of the dominant patterns in my birth chart in terms of its impact on my life is that I have Venus in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio. It may not be surprising that the pattern has been particularly active in doling out its lessons ever since my Saturn Return–especially since I had been throwing myself into magical work that was only bound to exacerbate it all.

  • The Heart of the Matter: Hermekate and Hieros Gamos

    The Heart of the Matter: Hermekate and Hieros Gamos

    One powerful function of eclipses is said to be that of revealing secrets, and I’ve also written in an earlier post that I’d be elaborating on the connections between Hermekate and eclipses; as such, it should come as no surprise that the recent Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio–sign of secrets, intrigues, and occultism per se–brought with it some deep realizations regarding Hermekate.

    This is especially true since the sigil aspect of Hermekate is so intimately interwoven with my own Saturn Return and that’s because my native Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio–opposing Venus in Taurus, which complicates matters because this means there is no separating Saturn from Venus when it comes to anything Saturn does throughout my life. Because my Saturn comes coupled with Venus (is this its own “sacred marriage?”) as a packaged deal, the coming couple of years should prove to be both revelatory and auspicious for the development of Hermekate, since all eclipses will be falling along this axis until October of 2023. In other words?

    In another “leitmotif” that, my readers shall soon learn, also peppers this tale, it turns out that I’ve suspected for quite some time what this Mystery is and how deep it runs–at least in theory. I still hadn’t had the needed experience to be certain, but by now, I have. Before I discuss the Mystery proper, I’d like to address two of the major threads along which it happens to run, for it was by comparing and contrasting the issues that arose along those two threads that I was able to perceive the common Mystery wedding them. Each of them is a thread that happens to involve a lot of current social controversy, and that is no mere coincidence; as I will explore further in future posts, such social reckonings are very important to what Hermekate is and what it means.

    The two threads in question are:

    -Gender, or Hermekate as “Sacred Marriage” between Hermes and Hekate.

    -“Eastern/Western” union and cultural relations.

  • Our Banner

    Our Banner

    This brief and timely segue is just for kicks; an interesting and thoughtful tale of synchronicity (or–dare I speculate–fate?) that goes a long way toward illustrating how Hermekate has unfolded magically. For the first time on the blog, I’ll explain the uncanny background behind this site’s banner.

    The story begins with my first marriage, seems to sort of “hug” the issue of its inevitable end by coming to highlights during each of that marriage’s two separations, and ends with my current engagement–with a twist that brings said engagement full circle back to the beginning of the story. It also introduces one of the concepts central to Hermekate: Synthesizing “Eastern” and “Western” esoteric currents.