Hermekate, Occultism, and Mental Health

Hermekate, Occultism, and Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I re-released the post Institutionalized on the eve of the month, and I’ve spent much of the time since then reflecting on how best to comment on the occasion–especially since the theme of mental health treatment is one that draws from the very heart of the meaning of Hermekate. I’ve been realizing how some of the other past posts and apparent plot threads of Hermekate as an unfolding phenomenon relate not only to one another, but to this fairly central point. While it is an immense joy (most of the time) to wax phantasmagorical or philosophical by turns on this blog regarding Hermekate, the arena of mental health reform will prove to be the physical, tangible ground for its unfoldment–it’s where I, in the name of this concept, will be (and have been) planting a flag, standing my ground, and effecting real change in the world.

My recent post, The Heart of the Matter, opened up discussion about what might be best described as the reconciliation of spirit and matter–or psyche and physis–however we manage to do that. It’s easy for me to go off on tangents, especially since the two main arenas for this reconciliation that I covered in that post–gender identity and cultural dynamics–are each very complex areas of research and inquiry all their own. It increasingly appears as though the duality of psyche and physis is something like the “hub” of meaning here, with nearly endless specific areas for its more refined expression. I know that others are already hard at work exploring various other aspects of this divide as it applies to occultism; perhaps there is a need for Hermekate to focus? It is going to need to cover all of this ground eventually, but the flashpoint of mental health treatment is shaping up to be where I put most of my energy.

In another funny little coincidence, last week I began a new class (I am working toward a degree in Counseling Psychology, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet on this version of the blog): “Biopsychosocial Disorders,” which is how we’re currently describing what was once called “abnormal psychology.” The very first discussion centered on the subject of “Religion and Mental Disorders.” This is a boon: Just as a new level of understanding about the personal goals and quests that speak to me is dawning, the opportunity to put my money where my mouth is has presented itself: My current classroom is where much of this action is unfolding right now.

This turns out to have some fascinating connections to the previous post, which appears to be a mere psycho-erotic ode to anima projection, but is sneakily another post about where psyche and physis come to meet. While I’m studying Counseling Psychology and have spent so much of my life off the beaten path, on psych wards and the like, getting to know psyche very well, Veronica has been practically the opposite: Always an amazing and disciplined student, hard-working, results-oriented, she was once in one of the most exclusive programs for dual dental-and-medical training in the State of Illinois before deciding, for personal reasons, that it wasn’t her path (which parallels in interesting ways my work with the Theosophical Society in the realm of psyche).

There are a number of stories that need telling and I still need to work out the best order in which to unroll them for the understanding of the reader to flow most smoothly; I know there are readers out there who appreciate the magnitude of what I am clumsily attempting here to put in to words, and they will best understand why it is necessary at certain points to include a post that doesn’t really advance any plots at all, but instead serves as a point of rectification and re-orientation in preparation for developments yet to come…

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